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Starting your Settle journey

If you're about to start your Settle journey, you can find more information about what to expect and who you will be working with.

What can I expect?

Where will sessions be?

After meeting with your Settle Coach for your initial session you can arrange with them where and when you’d like your next session to be. It should be somewhere that is convenient to you, such as a coffee shop, library, or your home.

Each session will be one hour and to get the most out of the Programme should take place each week. If you’d like to end the Programme at any point, you can just tell your Settle Coach. No one will be offended, we want the Settle Programme to work for you and if it isn’t working or you’ve got what you need from it, we’d love to hear that.

What is coaching and how is it used in the Settle Programme?

Think of a football coach: they are not just training the team to win the next game, but to be better players overall. For example, if you want to stop running out of money from month to month, your Settle Coach won’t just focus on getting you to the next payment. They will support you to look at your current budget, plan for your financial goals, come up with an action plan, and take the time to find what works and doesn’t work for you as an individual.

I have a problem I need to resolve as soon as possible, can Settle support with that?

We know there are sometimes issues that need dealing with before you can focus on your personal growth. Settle tries to be as flexible in our approach as possible, and your Settle Coach will always do their best to support you to address anything urgent when necessary.

Can my friend join the Programme?

We are currently exploring how we can support people who would like to refer themselves, if you have a friend that would like to join the Settle Programme please speak to your Settle Coach about this and we can explore what options there are.

Isatu's journey

To find out more about to what the Settle Programme might be like, you can head to the blog to hear from a young person at our 2023 graduation event.

What comes next?

At Settle we recognise that when young people no longer require support from professionals, the end to support can be sudden, unsettling and scary. We hear from young people that this can feel like a cliff edge.

Our Alumni Project aims to counteract the cliff edge for the young people we work with, by providing a positive and fun support system.

Following the Settle Programme, young people are given the opportunity to attend group socials and employment, education, and training focused workshops.

From mini golf and bowling to spaces to learn about accessing employment and employment rights, the Alumni project brings Settle graduates together to grow their social networks and learn new skills together.

Meet the coaches

  • Sophie
    Hello! I've been at Settle for almost 2 years and before that, I worked in the NHS as an Assistant Psychologist and Support Worker. I work part time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the rest of the week I spend training to become a therapist. I really like yoga, knitting and cycling. I also love food and think about it most of the time so if that's something you also like then let's chat recipes!
  • Emma
    I was previously a Welfare Officer at a social mobility charity based in North Wales, providing young people with new opportunities, work experience, life skills and coaching. Prior to this I studied Psychology at University. When I'm not working, I love getting outside with a good book or exploring new areas (ideally in the sunshine!) I also love travelling, testing my DIY skills and eating great food.
  • Nick
    Hi, I'm Nick, I've been at Settle since May 2022. Before that I was working in customer support roles, in an accessible travel social enterprise, then in the energy sector. I love working as a Settle Coach as I get to know so many amazing individuals, seeing them develop, overcoming challenges and thriving. Outside work I love finding new places to eat and recipes to try, cycling around London and seeing live music.
  • Ismay
    Hi, I’m Ismay. I originally trained to be a French teacher but quickly realised that I preferred working in the youth work sector. Since then, I have worked for charities in youth clubs, schools, homeless hostels, and other places before starting my role at Settle. I enjoy being a Settle Coach because I get to see people develop and thrive in their newly independent lives, an experience everyone deserves to have. When I’m not working, I love travelling, food, and coffee, and it is my life’s mission to eat food and drink coffee in as many places as possible.
  • Alice
    I've been working at Settle for 2 years now and I've loved my time here. I really enjoy getting to know lots of people across London and support them at a time that be a difficult transition, but to see them thriving in so many different ways! Before working at Settle I worked for a charity that supported charity CEOs who had 'lived experience' of the problem they were trying to solve. I've also spent time working with young carers and refugees. Outside of work I love to explore new places in London with my friends, running and going to festivals.
  • Aisling
    Hi, I am Aisling, before Settle I worked at a special needs school and studied a Sociology and Criminology degree at the University of Portsmouth. When I am not working, I love playing sports, particularly netball and I love a bit of charity shopping and cooking some good food!