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Comments, Compliments and Complaints

Settle makes every effort to provide a high standard of service and to treat all Settle users equally and fairly. We continuously try to improve our services and we value any feedback that will help us to do this. 

Compliments and Comments

If you are happy with the service or have any comments, we would love to hear from you. There are a couple of ways you can do this: either speak to one of the staff members, e-mail or write to us. We may use any positive feedback in our reports or publicity, but will always keep any quotes anonymous.


We also want to know if there is any part of our service that you are unhappy with. We take all feedback seriously and we will take action when appropriate to do so. All complaints will be dealt with in a timely and professional manner (please see below for specific timescales). Please note that Settle may publish the replies given to any queries raised, but will respect the confidentiality of the individuals concerned. 

How to make a complaint: The first thing to do if you are unhappy about any aspect of our services is to bring this to the attention of one of Settle’s staff members. They will try to resolve your concerns immediately. If you are unhappy at the way you have been treated by one of the staff members please contact us. 

If you cannot or do not wish to make a complaint in person, you have the option of sending an e-mail or writing to us using the contact details below.

What you can do to help us deal effectively and quickly with your complaint: Contact us as soon as possible giving clear details so we can endeavour to resolve the issue. Please specify clearly what aspect of Settle’s service you wish to make the complaint about.

Including the following details will help us to effectively and quickly investigate your complaint: 
  • The specific area, service or resource to which the complaint applies.
  • Your name and contact details: this is essential as we will not investigate anonymous complaints. 
  • Outline the nature of your complaint as precisely as possible, this will help us to investigate further and hopefully to resolve the issue. Please include details such as the place and time the incident occurred. 
  • Please let us know if you have already reported the complaint, and if any action was taken previously.
What we promise to do to help resolve your complaint:

Your complaint will be dealt with in a professional and confidential manner. 

Your complaint will be assigned quickly to the most appropriate person to deal with the complaint, who will investigate the matter fully and communicate regularly with you until the issue has been resolved. 

How and when we will respond:

Once your message has been received, we will respond within 48 hours to acknowledge receipt and we aim to organise an initial meeting within 10 working days. Beyond this initial timeframe we will deal with complaints on a case-by-case basis but always strive to be prompt and keep you fully updated. We aim to resolve all complaints within 12 weeks of receiving them, but in cases where the complexity of the complaint means that we expect it to take longer we will let you know.

If we cannot resolve your complaint and need to refer it to our board of trustees for discussion, we will let you know the date of the meeting when it will be discussed. We will come back to you within 10 working days of that meeting to update you on the discussion. Clear minutes will be taken  as to the procedures to be carried out and you will receive full details of discussions relevant to your complaints. At all stages along the process, if any deadlines cannot be met you will be kept fully informed as to what is happening. Proceedings and records relating to complaints, will as far as practical, be kept confidential.

How we will act on the outcome of your complaint:

Part of our process will be to internally review how our processes allowed this to happen, and set out changes we will make to prevent it recurring. We will let you know how we are planning to change our processes and welcome feedback on how this is working, and whether it has been clearly communicated.

Contact details:

E-mail address for any comments:

E-mail address for complaints:


Postal address: Settle Support, Tobacco Dock, Wapping Lane, London, E1W 2SF