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What we do

Since we launched in 2015, we’ve pioneered a new approach to tackling youth homelessness and a set of principles that we call the Settle Model.

Intensive 1:1 support

Empowering young people to change their own lives

We believe that with the right support, care-experienced young adults can create change for themselves.

We provide intensive 1:1 coaching support that is personalised to the individual. Our sessions are flexible and led by the young person. We focus on growing their strengths and removing systemic barriers that restrict their opportunities. This creates a consistent, transformative relationship that the young person can count on.

Early intervention

Tackling homelessness before it happens

Care-experienced young people lose almost all of the available support after they age out of the system. We’ve identified the transition of moving into a first home as the most impactful point to intervene – avoiding eviction and homelessness while setting up the foundations for their lives. By focusing on early intervention, we’re tackling a leading cause of youth homelessness before it happens.

Holistic thinking

Led by depth of impact

Every young person we work with faces a unique set of challenges that will evolve over time, so our goal is to create a long-term supportive relationship. We meet them where they are at in their journey and support them holistically.

Our team have lower caseloads than typical services to give them the capacity to focus on quality of outcome rather than meeting quotas.

Asset-based approach

Using coaching to build on existing strengths

Uniquely, our programme team are all accredited coaches and employ coaching techniques that put the young person in control and empower them to create change in their own life. Our sessions look to harness a young person’s strengths to overcome obstacles, set goals and plan for the future.

Co-created with young people

Designed around lived experience

From joining our board as advisors to helping design our programme, we bring young people with lived experience into everything we do. Since our inception we’ve designed our services around the people we support, drawing on their input and feedback to guide our actions.

Data driven

Sharing valuable research and insights

We take a robust approach to impact measurement, using research and data to iterate and improve our approach. We’re transparent about the outcomes we achieve.