About Settle

About Settle

Rich Grahame, our CEO, co-founded Settle in 2015 with Katie Slee after spending time working in homeless hostels and seeing firsthand the challenges young people face when moving into their first home.

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Our Values

Grow the good

We focus on building young people’s strengths rather than dwelling on their weaknesses. Asset based approaches underlie all our services.

Young people first

We ensure the needs of the young people we support with are prioritised above all else, and we work to overcome barriers in the system.

Intention isn’t enough

We go the extra mile to ensure we deliver the impact our programmes seek. We are dedicated to improving outcomes for young people.

Meet Team Settle

Since 2015, our team and board have worked together to help care-experienced young people to make their house into a home.

An innovative approach to youth homelessness

Our weekly coaching sessions provide support around sustaining a tenancy, developing practical life skills and managing emotional wellbeing. Our approach is holistic, flexible and tailored to an individual’s changing needs – ultimately providing a consistent, transformative relationship a young person can rely on.

By empowering care-experienced young people to make long-lasting changes and build stable lives, we are breaking the cycle of youth homelessness in the UK.

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