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Our programme

The Settle Programme is delivered by our Settle Coaches and is made up of weekly one-to-one sessions.

How does it work?

Using coaching to build on the young person’s strengths, sessions are tailored to support each young person with their tenancy, lifestyle, and money goals. The programme is delivered in a location of the young person’s choice, whether that’s their home, a cafe, or remotely.

Improving financial resilience

Managing money and increasing income

We help young people to build up their financial resilience. Our team supports them with getting into work, claiming the benefits they’re entitled to, and reducing their living costs through budgeting and planning.

We know that budgeting is a skill that needs to be practiced so we have a financial grants offer to support young people at times of need, when budget management hasn't gone as expected

Developing life skills

Practical guidance for independent living

We help young people to develop their practical life skills, like cooking cheap and healthy meals, and managing their home and tenancy – providing guidance that they may have previously missed out on.

We use coaching techniques to really understand what home means to the young people we work with and set goals to help them make their house a home

Signposting to specialists

Getting extra help when it’s needed

The young people we work with often have additional needs that require specialist support, such as managing their mental health or substance use.

We help them with getting in touch with services in their local area or talking to established partners who can help.

Emotional wellbeing support

A transformative relationship to rely on

Everyone on the programme has a dedicated programme officer who provides personalised 1:1 coaching. It’s a relationship the young person can rely on throughout the ups and downs. This consistent presence helps them to keep moving toward their goals and, ultimately, to build a stable life.

We also offer additional support through our Mental Health Project, which offers private therapy for young people on our programmes.

Our Support Offer

Alongside the Settle Programme, we offer wraparound support for young people taking part using using the same underlying coaching principles. For more information on how we work with and support young people, head to our page for young people joining our Programme.