Who we are

About Settle

Rich Grahame, our CEO, co-founded Settle in 2015 with Katie Slee after spending time working in homeless hostels and seeing firsthand the challenges young people face when moving into their first home.

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Our values

Grow the good

We focus on building young people’s strengths rather than dwelling on their weaknesses. Asset based approaches underlie all our services.

Intention isn’t enough

We go the extra mile to ensure we deliver the impact our programmes seek. We are dedicated to improving outcomes for young people.

Young people first

We ensure the needs of the young people we support with are prioritised above all else, and we work to overcome barriers in the system.

Team and board

Bringing skills and experience from different disciplines and backgrounds, our team and board are dedicated to supporting young people through difficult life transitions. To continue to bring more lived experience into our decision-making we have recently set up a youth advisory board.

Our team

  • Rich
    Rich Grahame
    CEO and co-founder
  • Aimee
    Aimee Hardaker
    Head of Delivery
  • Lisa
    Lisa Braden
    Head of Business Development
  • Jen
    Jen Long
    Senior Operations Manager
  • Keziah
    Keziah Hughes
    Senior Programme Manager
  • 500px-_0004_Binta
    Binta Bah
    Senior Programme Officer
  • Shayane
    Shayane Lacey
    Communications Manager
  • Nick
    Nick Akam
    Senior Programme Officer
  • Bethan
    Bethan Bates
    Fundraising and Development Officer
  • Alice
    Alice Turner
    Senior Programme Officer
  • Ismay
    Ismay Bartholomew
    Programme Officer
  • Sophie
    Sophie Taylor
    Senior Programme Officer
  • Amy
    Amy Clark-Bryan
    Programme Officer
  • Alex
    Alex Delaney
    Programme Officer
  • Emma Done
    Emma Done
    Programme Officer
  • Bethlehem
    Bethlehem Tewelde
    Alumni Officer

Our board

  • 500px-Rob Trimble
    Rob Trimble
    CEO, The Bromley-by-Bow Centre
  • 500px-Kathy Mohan
    Kathy Mohan
    CEO, Housing Justice
  • 500px-Mary-Anne Hodd
    Mary-anne Hodd
    PGCE Teacher and Lived Experience Trainer
  • 500px-Steve Chaplin
    Steve Chaplin
    Service Manager, Inner London Local Authority
  • 500px-Marion Wadibia
    Marion Wadibia
    Chief Executive, Winfluence
  • 500px-Sarah Byrt
    Sarah Byrt
    Commercial Solicitor, Salvation Army
  • 500px-Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith
    Head of Fundraising, Redthread
  • LBF_Staff_Liz Winder_06
    Liz Winder
    Head of Strategic Partnerships, The Freedom Fund
  • Jermaine Portrait
    Jermaine King-Kabali
    Graduate Trustee