Settle supports vulnerable young people moving into their first home.


The transition from homelessness to independence is precarious. 

For many young people moving out is a positive choice, taken when they feel ready to live on their own, with the support of their family. However for some, the transition is unsupported and abrupt.

62% of under 25s become homeless because of a relationship breakdown, usually with their parents. With the loss of that relationship goes much of the advice, financial and emotional support upon which most first time tenants rely.

Without anyone to turn to for help, a small issue can quickly snowball and have dire consequences. To make matters worse, there is little support available to young people at this critical moment in their lives. 



The Settle Programme

The Settle programme begins as a young person starts their new tenancy. It is made up of six weekly sessions that are one hour long. Our curriculum targets the skills needed to ensure a successful transition to independence.

Our sessions are as hands on as possible, from picking apart a bank statement to making spaghetti bolognese. Each young person receives a welcome pack with the Settle workbook, a cooking set and lots of other useful resources.

The sessions are delivered by a trained member of staff alongside a volunteer. Wherever possible, we train young people who have completed the programme as volunteers as they have real life experience of the issues we teach.





In March 2015 we launched our first pilot in partnership with Origin Housing, working with 10 vulnerable young people moving into their first home.

The pilot was a huge success, with 100% of our participants going on to sustain their tenancies and 9/10 participants strongly agreeing that they felt more prepared to live independently.

You can read about the pilot in our latest impact report.





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Meet the co-founders of Settle


Rich Grahame, CEO

Before starting Settle, Rich worked at a Centrepoint hostel in Camden. He is passionate about engagement and how young people can be best equipped to live on their own. 

He brings this energy to Settle, focusing on session delivery, volunteer training and partnerships.

Katie Slee, Service Designer

Katie's role involves session design, delivery and communications.

Before starting Settle, Katie worked at South London YMCA developing training for independent living. She designed workshops and resources to help support clients and staff around 'move-on' from hostels.



Our Partners

We also work with some amazing partners to ensure that we deliver the best possible service to young people moving into their new homes.