Tia’s Story

Tia self-referred to Settle after seeing a leaflet on her communal noticeboard.

Although she had lived in her flat for a while, Tia was struggling in her tenancy. She was experiencing some quite severe mental health problems, including depression and agoraphobia, meaning that she rarely left her room and had a massively reduced support network.

“There are those days where it’s just you, you’re alone in your room and it’s just you and the TV. Nothing prepares you for that loneliness.”

Over the 6 weeks, we introduced Tia to her housing provider’s care and support officer, who is now aware of her case and visits her weekly. We also supported her to visit her local Mind to start a stress reduction course.

Becoming independent means different things for different people. For Tia it meant developing her support network so that she could improve her quality of life.