While the average age for most young people leaving home is 22, on their 18th birthday, ‘looked after children’ are no longer in care and must start to live independent of support. Care leavers who, by definition, lack the emotional, financial and practical support most young people rely on, face an uphill and lonely battle towards adulthood.

This is a precarious moment for care leavers. They are at high risk of becoming homeless and experiencing a range of other social problems. 30% of all homeless people grew up in care.

Our programmes start while participants are still in care, helping them to understand the realities of living alone and what’s needed to ensure a successful move.

Key Features

Format: 1-to-1 training or group workshops
Duration: 1-to-1 programmes are a minimum of 6 sessions; group workshops are ½ day
Location: London
Target group: Looked after children, homeless young people and unaccompanied minors
Delivered by: Settle trainer
Resources: Welcome Pack

Outcomes Measured

  • Improvement in financial, tenancy management and life skills;
  • Feelings of confidence about leaving care;
  • Increased knowledge of and access to community services.

 How it works

Real life scenarios

Our life skills toolkit has been specifically designed to support care leavers to move-on successfully.
The curriculum has been co-designed with young people leaving care and our partners, the Rees Foundation, to ensure that it is relevant and engaging.

The Curriculum

We cover the following life skill areas:

  • Managing money
  • Maintaining a home
  • Having a good lifestyle

Building emotional resilience

Often support programmes are focused on a person’s ‘deficits’, ie. what they’re lacking, be it housing, employment or skills. Our work is ‘asset-based’. We hope to help our participants understand how their experiences have made them resilient.

One of the highlights of the programme is encouraging young people to reflect on their ‘signature strengths’, using tools developed by the VIA Institute on Character and the Department Store for the Mind. You can read more about our strengths work here.

Impact to date

  • 100% of our participants agree that Settle has been useful for thinking about their future
  • 100% of our participants feel more confident managing their money
  • We have achieved a 90% completion rate for our programmes

If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch via hello@wearesettle.org