The Big Picture

“In the past 2 years I’ve lived in 7 different places. I’ve had to stay on the streets sometimes.
It’s difficult. You can’t focus on what you want to do. You have so many things plaguing your mind that you just don’t give a crap anymore. You really don’t.
You become depressed and then there is a phase after depression where you treat people like rubbish. You start to dump your own problems on other people and you lose the people who care about you.
You lose everything basically.”

The transition from homelessness to independence is precarious.

For many young people moving out is a positive choice, taken when they feel ready to live on their own, with the support of their family. However for some, the transition is unsupported and abrupt.

62% of under 25s become homeless because of a relationship breakdown, usually with their parents. With the loss of that relationship goes much of the advice, financial and emotional support upon which most first time tenants rely.


Without anyone to turn to for help, young people can struggle to manage their health, money and home. Small issues can quickly snowball with dire consequences. Failed transitions to adulthood are costly both to the young person and the public.

Settle supports young people moving into their first home

Our aim is to prevent young people from becoming homeless. We are committed to delivering high impact services that support 16-25 year olds at this critical juncture in their lives.
By equipping them with the skills that they need to live independently, we ensure that they move forwards, not backwards.

Our Story

Settle was founded by Rich Grahame and Katie Slee in 2014.
Working in homeless hostels across London, they saw first-hand that a lot of young people become trapped in a cycle of homelessness because they haven’t had the chance to learn and practice the essential skills needed to hold down a tenancy.
They wanted to tackle this problem head on by developing and delivering support programmes for young people making this difficult journey. The first iteration of the Settle programme was developed on Year Here, a post-graduate course in Social Innovation.
Since successfully piloting our model in 2014 we have been developing and delivering award winning life skills programmes to young people who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless across London.
Our offices are based at the Interchange, a collaborative studio located inside a housing estate in Somers Town, London.

The Team

Rich Grahame

CEO & Co-founder

Ellie Pritchard

Settle Associate | Project Lead

Ily Ricketts

Programme Officer

Laura Soleilhac

Programme Officer

The Board

Rob Trimble
CEO, The Bromley-by-Bow Centre

Jack Graham

Jack Graham
CEO, Year Here

Mike Woolfe
Consultant, Deloitte

Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond
CEO, Snook


Winners of Best Tenant Support/Advice Service, Housing Excellence Awards

Finalists for Excellence in Employment, Skills & Training Award, TPAS Awards

Winners of Best Partnership Award at Origin Housing’s Annual Staff Awards

Finalists for Community Achievement Award, 24 Housing Awards 

Awarded Beyond Business grant from incubator delivered by the Bromley- by-Bow Centre

Shackleton Leadership award for improving the lives of disadvantaged young people

Awarded FastTrack Grant by the Network for Social Change

Unltd Do-It and Build-It awards for social enterprise start-ups